Friday, August 5, 2011

Beauty From the Earth

So I know I haven't posted any new blogs in a while. Mostly in part to my camera being stolen :( & my wonderful kids breaking my wireless keyboard. So now I have to use my on screen touch keyboard...which is a huge pain! So here it is...

Sunday I placed an another order with Beauty From the Earth & received it yesterday.  Thought I would share with you :)

My beautiful package..(hearts to block address). All packages come in these envelopes lined with bubble wrap.

                         These little jars of pure addiction come wrapped in tissue paper  

                  Six full size jars with sifters, two sample jars & Red Cherry lashes # 503

Full size jars are $6.50 for 1-3 grams (by weight) in a 5 gram jar.
Sample jars are $2.00 for .5 gram (by volume) in a 3 gram jar. Each week they offer a COTW (color of the week) which is a full size jar for the sample size jars price. The fabulous fans on their Facebook Fan page  get to vote on the color that gets to be the COTW.

                                             Swatches...Natural light from left to right
 Rome, Yo Momma (matte), Bitter, Bermuda (COTW), Royalty, Deja Vu, Melon, Purple Iris

                                                   With flash..not much difference


  1. nice swatches :]

    i NEED rome!!!! ♥

  2. Y thank you..Rome is awesome isn't it?!?! That & Royalty have been on my need to have it list! :)