Friday, September 2, 2011

Urban Decay: Loose Pigments

Recently Urban Decay had an awesome sale online that I could not pass up. I had purchased six of their loose pigments at only $1 apiece. These pigments normally sell for $20 apiece. How awesome is that!!

 They also threw in a free sample of Urban Glow Cream Highlight in Sin

                       L-R: Goddess- Shattered- Rockstar- Graffiti- Asphyxia- X
 Swatched on bare lotioned skin no primer...these would look amazing foiled!  

Goddess is a Black with Blue sparkles
Shattered is a gorgeous Teal with loads of shimmer
Rockstar is a Blacked Purple with Purple glitter
Graffiti is a Emerald Green with loads of shimmer
Asphyxia is a Cotton Candy Pink with loads of shimmer 
X is a Peachy Gold with also loads of shimmer

Out of all six Asphyxia is the only one that swatched a little sheer. The brush could be to blame.  My only complaint with these pigments is the packaging. They all come with a brush on the cap & personally I feel it is a little difficult to get at the actual product since it is all the way at the bottom of the tube. I may have to find a container to empty them into. All in all the colors and pigmentation are amazing!! 

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