Friday, September 2, 2011

Urban Decay: Loose Pigments

Recently Urban Decay had an awesome sale online that I could not pass up. I had purchased six of their loose pigments at only $1 apiece. These pigments normally sell for $20 apiece. How awesome is that!!

 They also threw in a free sample of Urban Glow Cream Highlight in Sin

                       L-R: Goddess- Shattered- Rockstar- Graffiti- Asphyxia- X
 Swatched on bare lotioned skin no primer...these would look amazing foiled!  

Goddess is a Black with Blue sparkles
Shattered is a gorgeous Teal with loads of shimmer
Rockstar is a Blacked Purple with Purple glitter
Graffiti is a Emerald Green with loads of shimmer
Asphyxia is a Cotton Candy Pink with loads of shimmer 
X is a Peachy Gold with also loads of shimmer

Out of all six Asphyxia is the only one that swatched a little sheer. The brush could be to blame.  My only complaint with these pigments is the packaging. They all come with a brush on the cap & personally I feel it is a little difficult to get at the actual product since it is all the way at the bottom of the tube. I may have to find a container to empty them into. All in all the colors and pigmentation are amazing!! 

Kat Von D: True Romance Pallets

My wonderful hubby surprised me with these pallets and I must say I am in love with these pallets! (&him too :))
These pallets have amazing pigmentation and just glide on. They are so smooth and creamy. They have a mix of both matte and satin shimmer finishes. As you will be able to see in the pics, both the Beethoven & Ludwig pallet share three of the same colors. Tequila, Leather and Lucifer. took me a little while to open. The pallets were wrapped in a silvery, charcoal colored tissue paper with a pretty sticker. I hate ruining pretty packaging , but I'm a weirdo like that! :D

Up first for your viewing pleasure is the gorgeous Ludwig pallet.

 This is the perfect pallet for creating numerous neutral smokey eye looks!

                          From L-R: Lucifer- Orbi- Dimebag- Tequila- Clay- Downtown- Baroque- Leather         
                              Ahhh look at the gorgeous sheen on these beauties                                                        

                   A quick look I did with Dimebag, Clay, Downtown, Lucifer & Tequila

 This pallet is by far my favorite out of the two. Im a sucker for purples and dark bold colors! This is the perfect pallet to create a sultry sexy smokey eye.

From L-R: Lucifer- Speed Blue- Razor Gray- Tequila- Sinner- Rad Purple- Leather- Galeano                                     Love, Love, Love...gorgeously amazing purple sheens!
                            "A smokey eye adds an instant air of mystery." - Kat Von D

And final  pallet is the Shady bronzer..

                     this bronzer adds a beautiful sheer glow with gold flecks

                        "Dont be afraid to contour the f*** out of your face." - Kat Von D 



Monday, August 8, 2011

EOTD: Staring Beauty From The Earth

So I had a chance to play in my new pigments & this is what I came up with. All shadows are Beauty From The Earth applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion on the lid & Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye pencils (For Green Eyes) on the lower lash line as a base. 

                                                                  Natural Light

                                                             Indoors with Flash

Deja Vu ~ Browbone
Royalty ~ Crease with a little Black blended into crease
Jaded ~ Outter Lid & Lower Lashline
Lavish ~ Inner Corner Lid & Lower Lashline
Angel Veil as Highlight ~ Angel Veil is a finishing powder also from BFTE
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Liner (For Green Eyes)
Red Cherry Lashes # these lashes
Lips ~ Covergirl in Divine and Revlon Lilac Pastelle Gloss                                                                                                                


Friday, August 5, 2011

Beauty From the Earth

So I know I haven't posted any new blogs in a while. Mostly in part to my camera being stolen :( & my wonderful kids breaking my wireless keyboard. So now I have to use my on screen touch keyboard...which is a huge pain! So here it is...

Sunday I placed an another order with Beauty From the Earth & received it yesterday.  Thought I would share with you :)

My beautiful package..(hearts to block address). All packages come in these envelopes lined with bubble wrap.

                         These little jars of pure addiction come wrapped in tissue paper  

                  Six full size jars with sifters, two sample jars & Red Cherry lashes # 503

Full size jars are $6.50 for 1-3 grams (by weight) in a 5 gram jar.
Sample jars are $2.00 for .5 gram (by volume) in a 3 gram jar. Each week they offer a COTW (color of the week) which is a full size jar for the sample size jars price. The fabulous fans on their Facebook Fan page  get to vote on the color that gets to be the COTW.

                                             Swatches...Natural light from left to right
 Rome, Yo Momma (matte), Bitter, Bermuda (COTW), Royalty, Deja Vu, Melon, Purple Iris

                                                   With flash..not much difference

Monday, June 13, 2011

EOTD: With Beauty From The Earth

Yes it is another EOTD with BFTE..they are by far my favorite when it comes to pigments, so you will be seeing alot of looks using these!
This a look I recently did for a night out.

Colors used

Lid - Tickle Me
Inner Corner - Way Up High
Crease - Big Ego & Black
Highlight - Satin Sheets
Lower Lashline - Big Ego, Tickle Me & Lavish

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

EOTD: Cut Crease with Brazen Cosmetics

I recently got two sample shadows from Brazen Cosmetics. The samples I got were Submission & Coy! Gorgeous Colors..Submission is a black with blue reflect & Coy is a beautiful marine blue! So today I thought I would do a look using both the colors.

Now on to the look ♥

Lid - Coy  *Brazen Cosmetics
Crease- Submission *Brazen Cosmetics
Highlight & Inner Corner - Way Up High * BFTE

Monday, June 6, 2011

Beautiful Beneficence for Zachs Friends

In a survey of high school students, the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center found that almost 1 in 5 teens had thought about suicide, about 1 in 6 teens had made plans for suicide, and more than 1 in 12 teens had attempted suicide in the last year. As many as 8 out of 10 teens who commit suicide try to ask for help in some way before committing suicide, such as by seeing a doctor shortly before the suicide attempt.

Suicide is not something that should be ignored. Warning signs for someone who may be considering suicide can be found HERE  

BFTE is helping to raise awareness for Zachs Friends. BFTE has created two colors  (Erase the Stigma & Zach's Friends)  to support Zachs Friends spread the word against suicide.

 A letter from Zachs mother:
On April 8th, 2011 our lives were forever changed when we lost our beloved son, Zachary.
Zachary was a funny, energetic, loving son...who also battled depression.
On April 8th Zachary ended his life. 
While no one likes to talk about suicide, it's time we start talking and raising awareness.  By educating ourselves and others we can start to recognize the warning signs and what we can do to help someone in need. 
According to the CDC a life is lost to suicide every 15 minutes, that's approximately 95 lives EACH DAY!  That statistic is astounding and is reason enough to start talking.  We need to equip ourselves and our children with the right resources to help others.
Like most families walking the same path we are, we had no clue our son was going to end his life that day, however, we refuse to stay silent.  We want to do everything we can to raise awareness.
In our efforts to raise awareness we had Friend of Zach bracelets created to help raise awareness about suicide prevention. 
While we are not professionals, we hope that our story and our ambition to help others will be contagious and that people will wear their bracelets not only as a reminder of a wonderful young man who's life was cut too short, but a reminder that we can make a difference. 
We can make a difference!
A common misconception is that "If I talk about suicide to my kids then I'll give them the idea to do it."  That is simply not true.  Suicide is portrayed in movies, on TV, and in the's better for you to educate them rather than their friends or television. 
We MUST talk to our kids about this...if for no other reason, so they know what to do if a situation arises with one of their friends.
In the weeks since our son passed we have handed out (at no charge to students, parents and communities) over 1,000 bracelets with daily requests for more.
Your help is sincerely appreciated! 
Melissa Jones (Zach's Mom)

Click HERE for a Zachs Friends Suicide Prevention Bracelet
Click HERE for BFTE  Erase the Stigma & Zach's Friends makeup